The Art of Rolling Up

The Art of Rolling Up // Woof Magazine

The Art of Rolling Up // Woof Magazine

As most guys will agree, there is nothing quite as demoralizing as being turned away from a party. The thought that you didn’t make the cut stings; you feel left out, self-conscious. Usually it seems like the only solution is to improve the infamous “p” to “v” ratio of your crew.

But what if there were other ways? If only there was a list of easy things you could do to make yourself instantly more interesting and appealing on that off-campus doorstep.

Well, now there is.

Give the people what they want.
In a world guided by price, the variety and choice of your beer often give way to ease and cost-effectiveness. With everyone on the same meager budget, you can guarantee that any party you happen to attend will have Busch, Pabst, Keystone or a combination of the three. In short, the market is flooded with swill. College partygoers are yearning for something different – for someone to step in and rescue them from the stagnant, mundane world of cheap beer. Why not be that savior?

One of the best things you can do for yourself when rolling up to an informal gathering of peers is to bring a case of tasty brews. However, you can’t just bring any medium-priced beer. No – you need to bring a talking point. Take Bud Light Lime, for example. Limes floating among the normal assortment of budget beers are going to raise some eyebrows. Limes are going to tell stories. It won’t be long before you hear things like, “Oh my gosh, I haven’t had a Bud Light Lime since Tammy Morgan’s boat party two summers ago!” Now you’ve not only improved the beer selection, but you’ve also brought your peers together. You’ve created a bond through beverage. It’s more than just appealing to the palate – you’ve got to appeal to the heart.

The Art of Rolling Up // Woof MagazineBecome a more interesting and appealing person.
This tip seems harsh at first, but in actuality, it requires no change in personality or character. When parties get too big or the word spreads too fast, every square foot counts.  Only the people who bring something special to the table are going to get in.

It’s important to note that party culture is superficial. In a scenario where no one really knows each other, it’s what’s on the surface that counts. Cater to that. Paint your shoes gold.

It sounds ridiculous, yes, but think about it. Gold. Shoes. The Bud Light Limes of the footwear world, gold shoes are a talking point. Nobody in their right mind is going to turn someone wearing gold shoes away. Gold shoes emit confidence. You may hear comments like, “Kid’s got stones coming in here with 24 karat kicks.” You will instantly be elevated to “man of the party.” Own it.

Be wary of wild cards.
It’s important to make sure that both you and your friends understand proper party etiquette. You are in someone’s home. That person was nice enough to host a party and let you and your friends attend.

So while it may be hilarious when your pal Teddy does that thing he always does, whether it’s wearing the host’s bathrobe or unplugging the router, that type of behavior not only looks bad but will most likely result in you being asked to leave.

Solution? Squash those incidents early on. Simply make sure that everyone’s on the same page and respects the host’s belongings.

In Conclusion
If you follow these tips you will find yourself crossing through that black-lit threshold more often than not. After all, who cares about ratio when you’ve got gold shoes on your feet and a 30-rack of memories under your arm?

Photos by Leah Corbett