Singing Their Praises: A Q&A with the Nor’easters

Singing Their Praises: A Q&A with the Nor’easters // Woof Magazine

Photos by Carolina Rodriguez

With a third place finish at the Los Angeles A Capella Festival and a performance at the White House under their belts this year, the Nor’easters, Northeastern’s oldest a capella group, have certainly been busy. Here, President Johanna Martendal, along with members Ty Myers and Brian Leon, discuss their whirlwind year.

How did you get the chance to perform at the White House?

Myers: There was a Northeastern co-op that was working there this past semester. They reached out to us and told us that if we were interested in the opportunity, we could submit a formal application. We didn’t know if we would be selected to perform so it was really exciting for all of us.

Singing Their Praises: A Q&A with the Nor’easters // Woof MagazineWhat was your reaction when you discovered that you would perform for the Obamas and what was it like meeting them?

Martendal: Most of us started crying. We thought he was going to be away for the Nelson Mandela funeral so we didn’t expect him to be there.

Leon: It was surreal. They shook all of our hands, we introduced ourselves and we took a picture with them.

Myers: They were so down to earth!

What has been your favorite performance so far?

All: Souljam.

Leon: It was our first big a capella festival. It was a tremendous group-bonding experience, being up on stage and feeling like we were invincible.

Martendal: Souljam was the moment we all clicked and knew that it was the perfect sound for us.

Singing Their Praises: A Q&A with the Nor’easters // Woof MagazineAny future plans for the Nor’easters?

Martendal: We’re hosting an ICCA quarter-final here at Northeastern.

Myers: We’re going to be recording a few new songs this spring and we do want to plan a tour eventually.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Myers: Right now, Elastic Heart. It’s our newest song. It just screamed “The Nor’easters” to me.