Adam Squared: The Adam Devine Comedy Show

The lights dim; it is time for the show to begin. Adam Ray comes out, the introduction act for Adam Devine. Ray acted alongside of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat and appeared in several television shows such as A Guy Walks into a Bar and 2 Broke Girls. He only performed for twenty minutes, but he had the audience laughing the whole time. One of his stories involved going to the Olive Garden high with his friends for one of his friends’ birthdays, and how the endless pasta dinners blew their minds. He played off of the audience very well, which I thought was the best part of his performance. When a girl came in late with three bags in her hands, he stopped whatever joke he was in the middle of and decided to make her a part of the show. He criticized her for being late, made fun of the amount she was carrying, and then made fun of the people around her for not helping her. He was a hilarious comedian and I truthfully could have listened to him for the whole show, not just the first twenty minutes.

Adam Devine came out and immediately had the audience laughing. One of his first stories was about him being in an elevator with two young girls, and how the story one girl told was not a story at all, but the friend found it hilarious while Devine was standing there in disbelief. He made his show personal by incorporating childhood stories, such as going to the grocery store with his father, who he labeled as a bigot. He talked about friends from high school, calling them Chad and Derek, and how he was always the “pre-fighter,” riling up the strangers, and then bringing in his two friends to actually do the fighting. According to freshman Daniel Osterman, undeclared, “Adam Devine seems like relatable guy, which made his show that much better.”

He also shared the first time he was recognized in public, and how he wished he reacted in a cooler way than just a backwards peace sign. After his planned performance, he did a live Q&A off of a Twitter feed. Rachel, a girl in the audience, asked him if he would serenade her, so he called her up to the stage. He asked her if she was single, and she shared she was not. He asked for his competition’s name, and she replied Sam. He made up a song on the spot, singing about her “long brown hair,” her favorite color blue, and the car she drives. She returned to her seat, but later he called her up again to choose the last three questions he was going to answer. As they waited for questions to come up, he put her arm around her and they discussed Sam, his competition. To Devine’s disappointment, it turns out that Sam was 6’3, fit, drove a truck, and wore boots. According to Devine, Sam was “a real man” and felt he couldn’t compete to win Rachel’s heart. Freshman Becca Lafair, undeclared, said, “Adam was amazing! He really engaged with the audience.” He wrapped up the show by having Adam Ray come back out and having a crewmember take a picture of the both of them on stage with the audience behind him.