Spoon University: An Institution for Food Lovers



Welcome to Northeastern, Spoon University!

Late in the spring semester of 2015, Freshman and NU.in Australia student, Renzo De Jesus launched Northeastern’s (NU’s) very own campus chapter of Spoon University. Originally developed by two Northwestern University students in 2012, Spoon University is often referred to as “The Buzzfeed of Food”, and has a similar online presence of list formatted articles with photos, pop culture references, and lifestyle “hacks” for American College students.

Spoon reaches over 70 college campuses nationwide, giving them a significant reach to impact how college students make and find good food within and around their university. Just recently, Spoon NU has released articles and quizzes titled, “What Type of Bubble Tea Are You?”, “18 Times Gordon Ramsey Perfectly Described Your College Life” and “The Definitive Guide to Graduation Eats: Boston Edition.” The idea is to engage college students in an online conversation and have a campus-wide celebration of food… all the time.

What does this new chapter mean for Northeastern? Huskies now have a constant stream of Boston restaurant recommendations, home recipes, affordable snack solutions and quirky ideas for mixed drinks and desserts. Northeastern student writers, digital editors and photographers run this online publication, ensuring it caters directly to the NU population.


Northeastern’s Spoon chapter is the newest edition to Spoon in the Boston area and is therefore looking to more veteran Spoon campuses for collaboration. “We have ideas for a possible partnership with the other Spoon chapters at Boston University, Boston College and Harvard University for a potential print of Boston food by college students,” said De Jesus, who is currently the Marketing Director. In addition to collaborating with other schools, the Spoon NU team also has many plans underway to involve the student community. Initial ideas include gear and restaurant gift card giveaways, food photo contests on the @northeasternspoon Instagram page and holiday events for the 2015-2016 year.


Spoon University harnesses the power of the “share”, “like”, “retweet”, “pins” and online feedback. Their online presence is aesthetic, interactive, easy to navigate and accessible on virtually any device. Articles are posted on their website, “food porn” on their Instagram and announcements on their Facebook page. And, if that’s not enough, they’re also found on Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. Northeastern Students are encouraged to join the Spoon NU team through an online application, send in their food photos on Instagram or just enjoy flipping through the digital publication online. Spoon University at Northeastern seems to have a very promising future ahead, making the college experience more delicious one post at a time.

See what your fellow Huskies are eating at northeastern.spoonuniversity.com
and on Instagram @northeasternspoon or #spoonneu