Teen Voices Emerging Profile: Nadia Maigari

Justice because I’m a young, Black and Muslim girl that migrated to the United States in 2014 doesn’t mean people should hate me or treat me differently. I pray in public places and recite supplications when I tend to be scared or have a feeling something bad is about to happen. People fear sitting next to me in trains especially if I have my bag; thoughts fly in people’s mind, thinking I have a bomb with me or assuming I’m a terrorist. I wear my hijab at all times and I feel proud to stand up and say that I’m a Muslim. I’m not going to hide my true identity just because some people do not accept me the way I was raised to be. Now that Donald Trump is the new president of America, I fear the problems that’ll arise. I fear how people will treat me. I fear the time that I’ll get kicked out of the country. I fear the day that I’ll give up on my right to be a human being and my beliefs. My rights shouldn’t be something I fight for and the government should not harm my rights. I was born with them- they’re natural and it’s not like I fought to get them. I don’t get why people are struggling to earn it. The message behind my story is to not be scared of being who you are with your beliefs, always make sure you stand up for what you believe in and no matter what be who you are. Never change because of society.

Nadia is a Senior at Excel High School and a part of the Teen Voices Emerging Program.