Dating on a Dime

photo by Rio Asch Phoenix

A college budget can be hard to manage, and when it comes to dating, it can be an even bigger struggle to balance romance and finances. If you’re looking to impress that special someone you’ve had your eye on for weeks — or maybe want to remind your significant other how much you care — consider taking them on a thoughtful and wallet-friendly night out.

photo by Rio Asch Phoenix

photo by Rio Asch Phoenix

For the Morning Lovers: North Street Grille // 229 North St.

When it comes to dating on a dime, it is important to get creative. If you are one of those blessed morning people, consider asking your date out to brunch. A morning date is a great way to save money, as breakfast and brunch menus are usually cheaper than dinner options. You can also avoid traffic, surge rates on Ubers, and those pesky evening wait-times for a table.

A great brunch option is the North Street Grille. With 17 varieties of gourmet french toast, 11 pancake options, and 14 omelets to choose from, it’s a feast for any breakfast lover. A bit of advice from a frequent bruncher: Avoid ordering the fresh squeezed juices, as they are usually overpriced.

The North Street Grille is about three miles from campus, so it’s a bit of a trek but is easily accessible by T or UberPool. If the date goes great, take a romantic stroll to avoid a food coma — the restaurant is close to the Boston waterfront.

Two entrees and two beverages go for around $16 to $24 total.

For the Pizza Lovers: The Salty Pig // 130 Dartmouth St.

If you would rather lie back with a warm slice of pizza and a good movie, try The Salty Pig. Sharing a pizza with your date is a great way to save some money, but if you order in from Domino’s and just flip on the TV, it can lack that romantic “wow” factor.

A hole-in-the-wall trendy restaurant, The Salty Pig will definitely grab your date’s attention and satisfy their appetite. Here, you’ll be able to order a rich and unique pie to share between you and your date and not feel bad about reaching for the check. If you’re looking for an appetizer, go with nodini fritti. They’re basically garlic knots on steroids. For your main dish, try pizza fratelli, the classier version of a sausage and mushroom pizza.

The Salty Pig is about a mile away from Northeastern’s campus, but it’s a not a bad walk. Plus, the stroll allows for a great opportunity for some small talk with your date.

A pizza and an appetizer (or two entrees) will cost you $16 to $22 total.

For the Burger Lovers: Boston Burger Company // 1100 Boylston St.

If you’re a Shake Shack aficionado — or prefer a relaxed, down-to-earth crowd — a bougie burger joint might be the perfect date spot. A restaurant like the Boston Burger Company (BBC) is the place to be, and it was even featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”

Be sure you’re ready for a mouthful of a burger, as the toppings are plentiful and the portionsare large. Try the Mac Attack for a crazy-good combination of gooey mac and cheese, juicy patty, and bacon. It’s just one of the 31concoctions to choose from at BBC — they even have veggie burger options for those going meatless.

The restaurant is about a half mile away from Northeastern’s campus, so you can walk there and back easily.

Two burgers and fries will set you back $20 to $27 total.

If you’re absolutely ravenous after reading about the offerings at these local date spots, go ask that special someone out for a delicious meal. Just some basic date etiquette to leave you with: Always offer to split the check, put your napkin on your lap, and never be afraid to be yourself!